Things you need to know about Natural Coral

"Natural Coral Stone is the best ideal selection for natural stone"

Coral Stone not only gives you the beauty and elegance of a tropical stone it's has many benefits as well.

  • 3/4" tiles are set like tile on decking and wall veneer
  • 1-3/4 tiles can be set in a sand bed on top of a compacted bed
  • Coral Stone pool deck is cool on the feet in the hot heat
  • Coral Stone doesn't stain or deteriorate from Salt Water Pools like other stones
  • Coral Stone is available in saw cut or filled and honed

Natural Coral Stone is used for interior and exterior applications

Natural Coral Stone is used for :

Natural Coral Stone can be used for interior floors, wall veneer,columns, balustrades, custom decorative modelings, pool
decks, pool coping, treads, risers, entrance ways, or window frames for making  your custom element of preference.

The availability of large supply guarantees the quality of stone,
customized workmanship, and timely service you can count on.

Coral Stone is the way to eliminating those problems with associated
with stamped concrete from fading and losing it's color. The failure has come from the sealer wearing
down due to the UV Rays under direct sun light. This has turned into a real maintenance problem.

Coral Stone is a permanent solution to your decking problem with the failures associated
overlay systems from cracking and peeling off.

The investment in Coral Stone will give you the elegance with luxury to your pool tropical surroundings.
Did I mention the fact that it will also substantially increases your property cash value!

Coral Stone is imported from the Dominican Republic from six different quarry's so I'm sure you can
find the selection that can fit your needs.
Above is our CAD drawing for the Pool Coping you see above

This pool deck is a combination of Natural Coral Stone 12 x 12 paver's
with our Cast Coral Stone Pool Coping. This pool has a liner with a PVC
coping that is now covered up with our stone. This can be completed in part
with Natural Coral or any other natural stone. When working with my company you
get the best of both products and a service you can count on. We can
accommodate any design or size because we work with a CNC machine in
making our molds. Then using our cast coral stone with can match color or create
a accent color for the trim. We do the same of all your trim on the exterior of your
home. Visit our main website to see our other products we offer. When working
with Coral Stone our products are a good alternative to value engineer your
project and stay within your budget.
Hello, My name is John.  I will be working with you or your contractor one on one.  I am the Owner of Coral Stone of Florida, LLC and we are
located in Nashville, Tennessee.  Coral Stone of Florida, LLC manufactures Architectural Cast Stone and Cast Coral Stone.
Coral Stone can supply Natural Coral Stone direct from the Island straight to your job site.  Coral Stone doesn't go though any distributor,
sales person or pay there mark up to support there business.  When you work with Coral Stone you get the best of everything. My business is
supported by our Architectural Cast Stone manufacturing not the selling of
Natural Coral Stone.  I welcome you to our facility to see our
operation and our beautiful growing city of Nashville, Tn.  I have more than 40 years experience in mold making, construction,
manufacturing, architectural and custom made pre-cast stone than any other business that you could be dealing with. You will get the personal
attention you deserve

Coral  Stone of Florida, LLC
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